We can help with the problem you can’t share with anybody else.


We are a Private Investigation Team, our Private Investigators are working as full timer and we have long experienced handling many cases particularly in Indonesia and also we have established international networking with P.I. around the globe.

As P.I, we have code of Ethichs in handling each case and at all times with the highest integrity and to maintain each Client’s confidentiality and this is a set of standards that our investigators must adhere.


Every case, even seemingly simple ones, have the right to remain confidential. The request made by the client is a personal one pertaining to something related to their life. If word gets out, then they may face serious consequences at the hands of those relevant to the case.

Due to our code of ethics, confidential information and privacy protection, we are unable to display detail information through this website. For Clients convenience, please call us or send a message, Clients even can visit our office.

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