Teen Monitoring

—   Today many teenagers have easy access to drugs and alcohol, and experimenting with chemical substances doesn't necessarily mean that a teenager will turn into an addict.

However, parents should be alert to the possibility that if a teen's behavior or personality suddenly changes, drugs may be involved, and cases of rape, kidnapping and murder have often been reported.

—  Strangers and predator's prey on our children introducing them to drug's which are known to have lifelong effects and occasionally death.

These sophisticated gang's and mafias are a threat and enable our children to be involved in illegal activities which we as parents are responsible for. You as a parent or caregiver can be held accountable for their actions!

As a parent we are responsible for our children's safety and well being, and you have the right to know what your children are doing.

—   Would any parent put their young teen in a car with a complete stranger? Of course not.

But our investigation found it could be happening often and the person behind the wheel is someone you might not expect. Teen monitoring is required. You cannot do this without professional help.

—  We can provide you with your child's activities and inform you of any area's which might you to further their education and/or make appropriate decisions.

With the use of GPS, we are able to track their whereabouts, driving speeds and duration of time at specific locations. When conducting teen investigations which are very sensitive matters, we keep all the information strictly confidential between us and the parents only unless otherwise discussed! Depending upon our agreement.

Working with law enforcement and Child Protective Services can be an essential tool if need and we can facilitate anything needed to put the criminals in jail. In addition we will always advise consulting an attorney and psychologists whom specialize in the specific area of expertise.

With Our Service

—  you can monitor your teens in following ways :
  • Where your Teen is going?
  • Whom your Teen is meeting?
  • Is your Teen drug abused?
  • Is your Teen hiding something from you?
  • Is your Teen have drinking or smoking habit?
  • Your Teen's friend circle?
  • Your Teen's online activities?
  • Your Teen's Mobile activities?
  • Your Teen's daily-life activities?

Prior to confronting your child with the evidence, we once again strongly recommend consulting psychologists whom will help you with the open communication needed to resolve your child's issue and not push them away.