—   What is Surveillance ?

By definition, undertaking surveillance involves observing, recording and documenting a given subject and their respective activities. Our private investigators are able to monitor residence, remote locations, businesses, friends, family, partners, assets and more, all while ensuring that our findings are delivered to our clients as often as requested.

There are several types of surveillance that our clients can choose from, with each being specifically tailored to their exact requirements a process that Precise Investigation covers in detail when putting together the briefs surrounding a case:

Covert Surveillance

—  This is the most common form of surveillance; a service that allows our private investigators to monitor a person or people of interest from varying locations, without them detecting our presence or being aware that they are being monitored.

This type of surveillance is usually employed in cases surrounding deceit, where a subject is suspected of engaging in secretive activities that need to be exposed.

Overt Surveillance

—  Uncommon in most investigation scenarios, overt surveillance is the act of monitoring a person or people of interest when they are aware of the fact that they are being monitored.

As such, this type of surveillance investigation is usually employed as a preventative measure or as a means to expose a third party's activities through interaction with the subject. Fitting a "wire" to a person, as we see in the movies, would be classified as overt surveillance to the person wearing it.