Child Abduction

—   Parental child abduction is Child Abuse.

You and your child are most vulnerable when your relationship with the other parent is broken or troubled.

—  Child Abduction is the offense of wrongfully removing or wrongfully retaining, detaining or concealing a child or baby.

Abduction is defined as taking away a person by persuasion, by fraud, or by open force or violence. There are two types of child abduction: parental child abduc¬tion and abduction by a stranger. Parental child abductions are the most common type.

When one parent abducts his/her child(ren) from the other parent it is often during or after a divorce action and is meant to circumvent the court or act in defiance of a court order regarding legal custody of the children.

—   Child abductions are hard to deal with. The thought of a child been ripped from the only life they have ever known is a nightmare of any parent.

The most common form of child abduction, is parental child abduction, meaning one parent has taken, detained or concealed a child from the other parent. It is all too often a common occurrence that society somehow feels 'safer' when the abductor is a parent of the child.

These abductions do not garner the attention and support that non-family abductions do, regardless of the fact that they are just as dangerous, and exponentially more complicated to resolve.

—  The longer the child is missing, the more concern surrounds their emotional well being.

Removing a child from their home and community is detrimental to the child's health, normally a child would have their family to support them through the change of being in a new community and school.

Children are made to feel safe and accepted after a move, ensuring that the experience of moving is not one that will harbor long term negative emotions. Now imagine what a child will feel when they are moved away and have contact cut off with their family, especially if the child is then isolated, not placed in school and has limited social interactions for fear of being discovered.

—  We are here to help you in your search independently and discreetly for your missing child.

We could also work in conjunction with the Indonesian Commission of Child Protection and/or The Indonesian Law Enforcement Agencies at our Client's request.