Background Checks


To obtain information on the whereabouts, identity, conduct or credibility of a person or company, business partners etc.

—   What we offer:

1. Pre-employment background checks

—  Pre-employment background checks are an integral part of the hiring process in companies, particularly companies that have highly sensitive work and information.

Employee private investigator background checks are usually done with the full consent of the applicant and before any contracts of employment are signed.

Potential candidates for high powering positions go through the process of having their full work history, education and qualifications scrutinised, in case they fraudulenty aquire a position and pay they are not qualified for.

Likewise, in the lower ranks of the workforce, background screening and employment history background checks ensure a business gets what it has asked for.

  —   Coverage of works :
  • Checking the identity of the individual
  • Personal and character references
  • Checking employment / employment history
  • Checking education qualifications
  • Special licenses
  • Reference checks
  • Financial status / credit reports
  • Property ownership

2. Company Background

—  A private investigator background check on a company or business checks to see if the business is what it is and not just a front held up with all-talk and words alone.

This type of check, done on the business itself and not an individual, is beneficial when takeovers or buyouts or impending business purchases are contemplated.

The company assets, records and materials are scrutinized for their veracity to ensure the buyer is not being led down the garden path by con-artists or fraudsters fluffing up a failing or bankrupt business.

3. Prospective Business Partner - Background Check

—  Starting a new business inherently comes with risks that must be mitigated. Just like launching a new product, hiring a partner requires protecting your business against potential risk and failure.

The dangers occurring from business partners — such as suppliers, wholesalers, consultants and commercial representatives — can in fact have an enormous impact: illegal conduct by business partners can lead to financial losses as a result of fines, penalties and compensation payments.

There is the even greater danger of a possible loss of orders, termination of business relations and the tying up of resources as a result of impending legal action or organisational restructuring measures. As a matter of fact, companies not choosing and screening their business partners carefully are putting their reputation at risk.

4. Tenant Background Check

—  Being a landlord you are simply putting your property in the hands of total strangers.

Hiring a private investigator to do a background check on a potential tenant can give you a feeling of security

Nothing is worse than a tenant doing a disappearing act with your rent owed or gutting the property, selling the fixtures, or even using the property as a brothel.

A renter background check should be done before any lease agreement is signed and most definitely before any keys are handed over.